Sport management activities

  • Sport career building (domestic and foreign clubs’ search)
  • Gathering trial opportunities
  • Full representation of the athletes
  • Full representation of clubs and associations
  • Organizing sport events
We have gathered such an experience and business relations in the last ten years that we can find the best club for the sportsmen that suits him / her the most in the different phases of his / her career, furthermore we can easily fulfill the clubs’ requirements according to their needs. We have been representing our clients professionally to reach the best conditions during the negotiations, no matter that we are talking about domestic or foreign clubs or athletes.


Marketing activities

  • Making of promotion substances from our clients
  • Keeping contact with the media next to the pr activities
  • Event marketing
  • The realization of sportsmen’s commercial laws
  • Provide sponsoring counseling to players, clubs and sponsors
  • Preparing sponsoring presentations / proposals
We try to make the difficult sponsoring procedure understandable and prepare a strategy that suits the most to the different individuals and needs of our Clients. We build and care about brand in terms of individual or team-sport athletes or associations. The most effective way to gather long-term, successful and revenue-oriented business relations if the sportsmen represents a strong and unique brand, which could bring further benefits for him / her after the sport-career. Next to the sponsor acquisition we draw high attention to the spectators / fans services , to strengthen this sector of sport, since the commitment of the fans could bring the marketing goals closer to the sportsmen. We have been taking care of the different media representatives on regular base, therefore we can offer a wide scope of publicity to our Clients.



Other activities

  • Investment and sport insurance counsel
  • Book-keeping
  • Medical surveys, tests
  • Health care counsel including dietetic advisement
  • Study, language-learning counsel
There are several things which needs to take care of next to the team and sportsmen or well-revised agreements and precisely prepared marketing strategies. It is essentially important to possess with perfect health condition, cautious dietetic program, stabile financial background and the smartly developed career building, including the long-term thinking in order to be prepared also for the civil life after the sportive years. We exist to take care about everything from the necessary insurance background till the book-keeping matters. We have been working together with the best experts in all fields of life, who can advise the best solutions to our Clients.