Anikó Kovacsics

I have been working with SportConcept for 4 years and I have never been disappointed. They supported me during my career so I had to concentrate only on handball. My manager is also my friend, whenever I turn to him with something he helps me and fully comply with my requests. SportConcept manages everything according to the player’s demands and wishes so it makes the best atmosphere for sport. Sportsmen who choose SportConcept will be in good hands.

Gábor Ancsin

I believe that very important to have a manager as a professional sportsman, thus I can concentrate on sport and don’t have to deal with things like negotiations. SportConcept is a very professional management agency, they are outstanding professionals of their field with many years’ experience. I have heard a lot of good details about them from my teammates and also from the players of the national team, so I contact SportConcept. I found them nice, fair and straightforward persons even before I made a contract with the agency and this opinion become stronger as time passed, I am very satisfied with them.

Orsolya Herr

They possess excellent local and international relations, deal with clubs and negotiate so I have more time to engage in handball, trainings and preparation. They carry out 90% of work instead of me that is why my only task is to make decisions. SportConcept is a reliable, professional team, we keep contact and talk regularly not only about work but also everyday matters. With safe background no unpleasant surprises can happen, so I highly recommend SportConcept on the basis of our 3-years-long cooperation.

Roland Mikler

“I got in touch with the Agency through a few of my team-mates who have been also represented by SportConcept, so when I started to search for a new manager it was obvious for me already to vote next to them. They are correct, straight-forwarded persons who take serious care of me. They do not only turn to me when the question of my future is on track, but we are in contact on a daily base, share our views on the played games and evaluate my performance. These discussions are very important for me. It’s a good feeling that I can commit myself to the SportConcept guys.”

Szabolcs Zubai

“I’ve been working together with SportConcept for years and I’m fully delighted. I like to cooperate with them, since they are honest and correct persons and arrange all issues with my satisfaction which are needed to be done by an agency. They manage for example all negotiations on behalf of me from the beginning until the end, so I do not have to have the pressure of that. Since Máté Lékai is a very good friend of mine, I was talking a lot about which agency he works with, so I contacted with SportConcept through Máté. Due that I had a good impression in the very beginning of our cooperation, it started with “love at first sight”, so we have been still in a very good and reliable personal relation.”