Due to the numerous positive and negative experiences gathered during our domestic and international sport career, we had been considering the establishment of SportConcept for years. In April 2003 the time arrived for us to found the first agency in Hungary, for which the most important is the Client, no matter that we talk about sportsmen or any associations. Our mission is to give aid for sportsmen and sport organizations to prevent them spending their energies on less-known or entirely unknown areas, and allow them focus what they are the best in.

Building on the successes and expertise obtained in the first 5 years of our operations, we decided to renew the company in the beginning of 2008, both from strategic and organizational point of view, and thus meet the changing market needs. The objective and philosophy of SportConcept meanwhile remained the same, that is we provide support to sportsmen and sport-organizations using our experience, motivation and expertise. We do believe that one of the most important factor of the effective collaboration is the trust between the athletes and their management. Base on this we have been representing our clients during their sport-career and civil life as well using the best international practices. We focus on the support of sportsmen, who are enthusiastic about living their dreams and getting the maximum out of their potential in sport and out of it either. We are crucially supporting of juvenile sportsmen, who are mainly in the beginning of their career. The ground of a successful career is to enable the sportsmen focusing only on sport and conscious career building. We are meant to secure this background.