Sport management activities

  • Sport career building (domestic and foreign clubs’ search)
  • Gathering trial opportunities
  • Full representation of the athletes
  • Full representation of clubs and associations
  • Organizing sport events

Marketing activities

  • Making of promotion substances from our clients
  • Keeping contact with the media next to the pr activities
  • Event marketing
  • The realization of sportsmen’s commercial laws
  • Provide sponsoring counseling to players, clubs and sponsors
  • Preparing sponsoring presentations / proposals

Legal activities

  • Sportsmen’s and sport organizations’ legal representation
  • Advisement and preparation of sport contracts, labor agreements, the completion of sponsor contracts
  • Continuous refresh and completion of regulations and law changes
  • Drafting of corporate documents and minutes of Member’s meeting
  • Representation’s supply in legal proceedings and in disciplinary cases
  • Sportsmen’s representation at entering into a contract (labour agreement, entrepreneurial contract, the completion of a sponsor contract)

Other activities

  • Investment and sport insurance counsel
  • Book-keeping
  • Medical surveys, tests
  • Health care counsel including dietetic advisement
  • Study, language-learning counsel